My Work

I’m an IT guy, originally from Sydney, Australia. I first started in the IT industry in 2001, working in corporate IT outsourcing and business systems around Sydney. In 2007 I moved to Iceland and joined the online PC gaming industry, working at CCP Games, creators of EVE Online. These days I’m back in Sydney where I work at Riot Games, the team behind League of Legends”.

At Riot, I work on making sure the player experience is the best it can be, as a part of the Live Services team. I help look after the health of League’s Oceanic servers, and also help the team running our local Oceanic Pro League, as well as other eSport events in the region.

In my past life at CCP I particpated in many aspects of the software development cycle, however my main focus was as a member of the virtual world operations team. This is the group that keep all of the public facing IT and game systems for CCP running, and it plays a big role in the effort to scale the persistent virtual world behind EVE Online. Through this work I’ve had exposure to a great number of systems, processes and situations relating to the operation of critical production infrastructure.